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Writing by Quarters: Q2 Results

As seen in this post, I shifted how I approached my writing life in 2021. I'm setting goals per quarter, and since yesterday was the last day in Q2, today's my assessment day.

As in Q1, I was aiming to write for 50 days. I knew this would be tough, because April and May are the end of my teaching semester, and work comes in and grading happens and it's pretty hectic. Add to that running a search for a full-time faculty member, plus the kids easing back into school for the first time since March 2020...I was NOT optimistic.

I spent 11 days writing in April, and 16 in May. That meant I had 23 days of butt-in-chair as a goal for June. Ultimately, I wrote on 22/30 days--so my grand total of writing days this quarter was 49/50.

So, what did I work on?

  • I spent a few weeks starting a new middle grade, and got about 3000 words in to that, before realizing it needs a lot more research around a major logistical issue. So I've set that aside for now, and will work on solving that problem.

  • In late May, I got an idea for another middle grade/tween novel (I'm so excited about it!) and am about 7000 words in. I launched into this book without doing the same level of brainstorming and prewriting that I typically do, so I'm anticipating a lot of rewriting and character work later. That's okay. It's super super fun to work on, and I'm really enjoying it.

  • Also in May, I started writing a novella--and I finished it while on retreat at the Highlights Foundation last month! This is going to be the first in an adult cozy mystery series that I'm writing for Table for 7 Press, the publishing collective I've co-founded. It's so fun to work on something outside of my comfort zone. I've been brainstorming Book 1 in this series for the past few weeks, and I'm ready to start writing that as part of Q3.

I didn't just write in Q2. I launched BAD CHOICES MAKE GOOD STORIES, my first-ever nonfiction book about writing. It came out in paperback and ebook, and is available wherever books are sold. Maybe you want to check it out?

I also undertook a website refresh, which I'm pleased with. Same basic look, but I updated and organized my content a little better. I'll continue tinkering with that over the summer.

I also had some goals to grow my Instagram followers and email list, and that is on track and will continue in Q3.

Q3 begins today, so I will spend some time figuring out how I want to spend that time. I've found that being intentional with my time has allowed me to get a lot more done in a shorter span each day. My big question now is: Do I want to shoot for 55 writing days this quarter? I do have to get ready for classes to begin this fall, but I have more free time this month and next than I'll have in all of September. I'm thinking I'll go for it.

I hope your writing year is bringing you joy and fun projects!


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