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My Books

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Writing Guide

BAD CHOICES MAKE GOOD STORIES is my first nonfiction book. It's filled with everything I know about writing--craft, revision, community, and the life juggle to make it all work. Click on the cover to learn more.


Novels for Tweens

Books that are smart with heart, for readers aged 9 and up. This is where you'll find laughs, awkward, embarrassing moments, and the trials and tribulations of middle school. Plus, if you like mysteries and adventure, you'll find that here, too!



Essays for teens, poetry for kids, and microfiction (for grown-up readers).


Chapter Books
(ages 7+)

Meet Bella Gosi and her friend Cooper and his dog Casper. They live in Shiver-By-the-Sea, Massachusetts--where the magic  is real, and the monsters are, too!


Picture Books

For readers of all ages. Illustrated picture books filled with relatable characters in imaginative situations.

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