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Writing by Quarters: Q1 Results

I decided that I would reorganize my creative life in 2021, after struggling so much during the early part of the pandemic. I broke this year into quarters, and decided I would keep track of how many days I sat down to write, not how *much* I wrote. I was aiming to write for 50/90 days this quarter.

Today I tallied up my results: I spent some time writing for 52/90 days. This may not seem like a lot for you everyday writers, but with 2 kids doing school at home, teaching from my spare bedroom, and running a full time search for a new faculty member at the college, I'm thoroughly pleased. And taking the pressure of HOW MUCH off the table helped a ton. I tightened up a chapter book, which is on submission, drafted a couple of picture books--one of which is on submission right now--wrote some flash fiction and submitted it to magazines, and finished, revised, edited and produced BAD CHOICES. I didn't write for hours and hours every one of those 52 days, either--some days it was 30 minutes. Some days it was an hour. But it added up. It always adds up.

Tomorrow, Q2 starts. I'm resetting my clock to 50 days. Maybe you want to try to write for 30/90 days? Or 40? Join me!

Let's see what we can do.


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