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Writing By Quarters: Q3 Results

As I've detailed in previous posts, this year I'm working with my writing on a quarterly basis. I set goals for how many days I want to spend writing each quarter, and keep track weekly.

Today marks the end of Q3, so it's time to do an assessment. I increased my goal for this stretch--from 50 days to 55--and I ended up recording 45 days of active writing over the past 3 months (July-September). I thought for sure I'd be able to get those extra days in--after all, I was on summer vacation!--but I forgot that my kids were on summer vacation, too. And although we didn't travel (thanks, Covid), we did enjoy lots of fun summer activities together. Then the school year (for all of us) started ramping up, and September was busier than I expected. Although I'm a little bummed that I didn't find time for those extra ten days, I am really happy with the work I produced and the creative life I cultivated.

In July, August, and September, I:

  • added 6k words to a tween novel

  • started and wrote about 14k words on an adult cozy mystery(!)

  • drafted, revised and submitted an essay for Parents magazine

  • revised and submitted a picture book to my agent

  • drafted, revised, submitted and published a 50 word story for Vine Leaves Press

  • refreshed my website

  • blogged a little

  • helped out with Highlights Whole Novel Workshop as a faculty member for their on-line program

  • did a personal writing retreat at Highlights

  • worked on three clients' books, helping them get their stories where they want to be

  • helped launch Gary Crespo's first novel, How to Ruin Your Life in 140 Characters or Less, via our Table for 7 Press publishing collective.

One of the benefits in making this shift has been my change in perspective about my writing life. I'm starting to think more holistically about my creativity and what it means to live as a fulfilled creative person. Should I publish a book a year? What other types of work bring me joy? What opportunities exist for the type of writing that I do? For the teaching I enjoy? What is my creative entrepreneurial focus? I'm not sure I have all (or many) of the answers yet, but I sure enjoy exploring these questions.

Q4 begins today. I'm going to revert to 50 days as my goal, and intend on developing my newsletter, blogging more, and seeing what comes next. What are your plans for the rest of the year?


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