I've been working on a Super Seekrit project for the past couple of months, and now I'm ready to talk about it:

I wrote a book about writing!

BAD CHOICES MAKE GOOD STORIES: Conversations About Writing, my first foray into nonfiction, will make its debut at the end of March. This is a collection of 32 essays covering topics across five areas in the writing life: Craft, Revision, Community, Publishing, and Life Stuff. Each section is filled with examples, personal stories, and inspiration to help you navigate your creative path. This is a slim book--about 150 pages, all told--but I tried my best to pack it with useful info. And humor.

Another reason why I'm super excited? I'm publishing it with my critique group! I decided that for this project, I'd go the indie-author route and see what that experience is like. My whole critique group is on this indie-author journey with me, and together we're learning all the steps involved in the process. It's been wonderful to learn something new during the pandemic. I am still publishing traditionally, as well, and have a book out on submission right now (send good vibes, okay?). BAD CHOICES is a different type of book, a different type of writing for me, and I thought it needed a different type of publishing experience. So we'll see how this goes.

In the coming weeks, I'll share more about BAD CHOICES--including the cover, some thoughts about each of the sections, and what I'm learning as I put this project together. For now, though, if you're interested in learning more about BAD CHOICES and getting a PDF of "Go Forward," one of the essays in the collection, sign up here, on the front page of my website.

Thanks for helping me make BAD CHOICES!