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Where did you get that idea: BALLETBALL edition

My second picture book, BALLETBALL, releases next week--Feb. 25th. For me, writing a picture book is very different from writing a novel. With a novel, I begin by coming up with a character and develop the story around that person.

Picture books, on the other hand, come to me as in all different ways. CAPTAIN'S LOG: SNOWBOUND was a direct result of silly social media posts that I made during the winter of 2015, when Boston received over 109 inches of snow.

BALLETBALL also came from social media. I was scrolling through Facebook one night in 2017, and spotted a picture posted by a friend from high school. It was of her daughter, wearing a baseball uniform, standing with pointed toe, sparkly shoelaces, and a big grin. One of the commenters said, "What's she playing?" and another responded, "Balletball." That was all it took: a spark ignited.